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January 16th, 2007: Lunchbox Funnies is a new collective with all-ages comics by a bunch of creators I really respect. The line up includes Aki Alliance, Astronaut Elementary, Butterfly, Cow And Buffalo, Lunchbox, Silent Kimbly, Wally And Osborne, and Zip and Li'l Bit. I think I've linked you towards most of those before, but Cow And Buffalo, Lunchbox, and Zip and Li'l Bit were new to me. I particularly like Zip and Li'l Bit. It's got a great clean style, a fun story, and I love the "click any panel to enlarge" feature. It's gorgeous!

If you're looking for some comics that sound like they're all ages, but AREN'T, but are still really good, I'd recommend Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal! In particular, check out this recent comic. It's totally the crossed arms that sell it for me!

Hooray for comics on the internet!

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