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What are the haps my friends

January 15th, 2007: Kean pointed me to Adventure Time, a short animation done by Pen Ward! It is both funny AND charming. It's algebraic!

Also, I don't know how much light it would take to throw a dude up against the wall. I'm pretty sure he'd be incinerated from the energy, but assuming he wasn't, maybe someone with some light science training (oh ho ho) could figure out the number of suns needed? To - to throw a dude up against the wall?

UPDATE: The consensus seemed to be that we could do it with just one sun, but I didn't want to commit until I could walk through the calculations and be sure. Alex Rea and Chris Berry to the rescue! Stating their assumptions clearly, and with a judicious application of Science, including the rare Stefan-Boltzmann Constant, we discover that we only need the light emitted by 4.7x10-15 of the total surface area of the sun in order to throw a dude into a wall! This is excellent. Alex and Chris's three-page proof is available here, in PDF form.

Thanks guys! Thanks also to Kenn and Professor John, who went so far as to volunteer to do the experiment in exchange for three labcoats. But I only had two! :(

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– Ryan

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