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May 2nd, 2008: Chris "Reprographics" Yates has a new book out for sale that looks pretty great! Reprographics is a fun comic because all this crazy stuff happens in it, but it's a photo comic, so you know that Yates was out there actually doing this stuff. It makes me say, Yates, you so crazy!

Also your friend and mine Jason Eppink has made some more cool stuff: check out his twenty-first century campfire. I also like his A Group Of Images And One That Does Not Belong (2) (3) (4).

One year ago today: some people noticed that dromiceiomimus' birthday (mentioned two days ago) had previously been established years ago as occuring in august and not april. but ACTUALLY, the comic in august that mentioned her birthday actually took place in april - it was just posted in august! it is a very reasonable explanation that satisfies everyone.

– Ryan

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