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What are the haps my friends

October 26th, 2011: OH MAN one day I had an amazing idea and then today it totally happened: The Very Finest Words From Dinosaur Comics! :o

This is not just a kit that allows you to create great poetry using magnets: this is a fully-functional Dinosaur Comics language, designed by me using Actual Linguist Skills, over the course of several days. The most awesome words in the comic are here, as are the most interesting ones, the most frequently-used ones AND all the other language bits you need to express even the most sublime of sentiments. I even broke magnetic-word ground by adding in punctuation, prefixes, and suffixes, so if you wanted to create the word "batmanology", you can do this with these magnetic words!

No other product in the history of time can make that claim.

I'm not even joking.

Friendtime pals Joey and Emily went magnet crazy too! Did you know: WE EMBRACE THE INSANITY

One year ago today: anyone who can show their 100% authentic birth certificate authenticating their name as "Cheeseburger" can stay the heck away from me

– Ryan

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