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What are the haps my friends

May 28th, 2012: I got a bunch of emails from Actual Physicists about yesterday's comic! TOTALLY REASONABLE OBJECTIONS INCLUDE:

  • If the universe were shrinking but the speed of light were constant, then all sorts of things are broken
  • If the universe were shrinking then the speed of light would slow proportionally, and therefore it would be undetectable, therefore there's no change if it's true or not so it's an irrelevant theory that may as well be true for our universe
  • (I liked this one quite a bit)
  • Our universe is actually expanding and the speed of light remains constant so why would shrinking be different
These are all very good points! Rather than accept the blame for this myself, as author, I will pass it entirely off on Utahraptor, who was wrong but has his friends SO ACCUSTOMED to him being right that now they accept it without questioning. OH SNAP did I just turn a writing / research mistake into character development? OH SNAP-A-DOODLE.

Also thanks to everyone who emailed me - I love this stuff and it's always awesome to hear from people who do it professionally!

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