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What are the haps my friends

October 11th, 2012: The SECRET PROJECT is being announced TODAY at New York Comic Con, and it involves Anthony "Nedroid" Clark and Chris "Dr. McNinja" Hastings and Me "You Are Already Reading My Comic So There's No Need To Click This Link" Me doing a thing with Shiftylook.

But for those of us who won't be at NYCC (including me, though there will be a cardboard cutout of myself there in my stead, because that's what happens in reality!) there is a livestream we can watch! RIGHT HERE. And there's a schedule too! LET'S ALL WATCH IT, ESPECIALLY TODAY FROM 5-6 PM. Also there will be a text chat so we can "chat till we splat" (new slang, just testing it out).

UPDATE: Secrets revealed: Chris and Anthony and I are working on a Galaga comic that is launching very soon!

One year ago today: see? you can never trust big bold letters that appear above your head, even if they agree with what you suspect!! what a valuable life lesson

– Ryan

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