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What are the haps my friends

June 17th, 2016: Thanks to Laurel for bringing "the ball is on your roof" to my attention! Now it's all up to you. The ball is around your general direction!!

And thanks to Vern for the following sweet tennis facts, AS FOLLOWS:

The Spanish saying is probably also from tennis. Until 1873, tennis was played on courts that had a penthouse, or roof, running along one side and the and backs of the court. The roof was in play, and in fact you had to serve onto the roof and let the ball drop off it onto the receiving court. So if the ball was on "your roof" it was served to you, and it was your obligation to return it. The Wikipedia page for this is under "real tennis." It's still played at about 50 courts.

Tennis would have been played this way in Spain, particularly northern Spain. The Spanish also play other games on the same courts, including a sport called trinquet, of which there are a bunch of variants and near relatives, played with and without racquets.

If you think anyone would be interested in actually seeing real tennis played, the following U.S. cities have real tennis courts: Washington, D.C., New York, Chicago, Aiken, Newport, Philadelphia, and Boston. With the exception of New York, which is in a private club, the professionals are usually willing to show interested people the game if the court is free. The courts in Newport and Washington are fully open to the public.

Love the comic!

I found this super fascinating, and I kept the "Love the comic" part so you will see that OTHER people like my work too. You're not alone!!

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