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What are the haps my friends

July 20th, 2022: Over on Patreon (subscribe! I need and love your support! You get comes ahead of everyone else!), materials._.girl asked about the ad, and this is what I wrote in reply:

okay SO: I forget what country it was from (Australia??) but it was for seatbelts, and it came out before the Matrix movie did by several months. It paused just before a car crashed into something and panned around the car at the moment of collision, saying things like "If Mary had been wearing her seatbelt, she would've suffered just a minor injury. Had Bill been wearing his, he would be back at skate practice next week and wouldn't need a wheelchair. Had Susan been wearing hers, she wouldn't wonder what else could've happened this day for the rest of this life." Then there was a pause, and the motion restarted, and you saw the car crash from a distance as the narrator said "But, they weren't."

I'm not really doing it justice but MAN it was effective. Yes, it was one of those PSAs where they're like "here's the bad thing that could happen happening, so don't do the bad thing" - but that structure combined with a never-before-seen (to me) visual effect was pretty incredible.

One year ago today: it's utahraptor speaking from offpanel in the final frame. i believe that makes this comic 50% funnier so please assume it's utahraptor speaking from offpanel in the final frame

– Ryan

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