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August 23rd, 2006: It's Andy Runton's birthday today! Woo! Happy birthday Andy. Andy is one of the nicest people you'll ever hope to meet. His comic series, Owly, has won all sorts of awards, and you can read some Owly stories yourself, online and for free, right here! Happy birthday man!

Lore Sjöberg's Table of Malcontents is a great site to find sort of geeky but also awesome things online, like Skatefall (Pitfall mixed with skateboarding) or this amazing acoustic cover of Hey Ya by Obadiah Parker. But one thing he missed in the past few days is Aram Bartholl's amazing art installation Speed, which puts video-game elements in a real-life context, like my friend Poster Child's Mario Block project. Neat! Also check out Aram's totally sweet first person shooter glasses, Sims emotion diamond, Counterstrike crates, and TV downsampler. I think it's great that I'm at an age when my peers are making art that speaks specifically to me. Thanks, artists with tastes that mirror my own, and talent to put their ideas into reality!

PS: I just updated Poster Child's Mario Block Page with some new pictures! You should check them out because they are so pretty. Sorry about the delay in getting them up Dante and Charlotte and Jason and Sam!

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