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What are the haps my friends

April 16th, 2010: As you may have guessed, this comic was meant to follow the comic from two days ago, but I messed up and well here we are. So everyone just needs to imagine that T-Rex spent TWO days researching vampires, as that is now the OFFICIAL HISTORY.

So! This comic was written in CONSULTATION with your friend and mine, Dr. Chris Hastings. In exchange I suggested that one of his characters dress up as a chef sometimes. Will you see that in an upcoming installment of The Adventures Of Dr. McNinja? You'd better, that's all I can say.

This comic was also inspired at MoCCA, when Kind Reader Yuval told me that vampires were vulnerable to counting how many jellybeans are in a jar. While not PRECISELY accurate to the old-skool mythology of vampires, it is pretty close, and I promised him that if I used this FunFact(tm) in a comic then I would share one more clue for the AS-YET-UNSOLVED cryptogram from a few weeks ago. So here is a big clue, as it reduces the search space considerably: the longest word is "fundamental".

I think at this point I will let the puzzle stand for ALL ETERNITY

Speaking of eternity, everyone, two of my shirts are going away for all eternity! NOW IS YOUR CHANCE:

OH ALSO! Friday's FUN-TIME MASK UPDATES: Add "&butiwouldratherbereading=" and sisterclaire or registeredweapon to read Dinosaur Comics versions of Sister Claire or Registered Weapon.

One year ago today: i did a search and nobody is calling bad baloney "failoney". what the heck, internet, you shouldn't need me to think up these permutations for you

– Ryan

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