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What are the haps my friends

October 16th, 2015: This weekend (October 17th-18th) I'll be at MICE: the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo! It's totally free, totally great, and if you're anywhere around Cambridge, you should come.

They asked if I'd do some comics themed around mice, comics, or expos, and that's what I did! I wrote out regular Dinosaur Comics scripts (I do actual scripts, now you know!) and instead of me laying them out, some of the terrific artists at MICE drew them instead. And they're super great!

This comic is by Patt Kelley who I have also never met in real life before, but we made a comic together none the less! He's super great: he does terrific comics but also illustration and sculpture and I am jealous of that talent. THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID IT

One year ago today: i bought battletoads for the nes on ebay in 2002 and put my name as "ryan norht" and they still want to email ryan norht decades later to let him know that yes, there are still things for sale on ebay dot com. (the battletoads was a gift for a friend and she really liked it, NO REGRETS)

– Ryan

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