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What are the haps my friends

May 30th, 2006: Sorry today's comic was a bit delayed. If you click on the comic, you'll see why! It is the only website ever written entirely to Elvis Vs. JXL's "A Little Less Conversation" on endless loop. It took me two hours. I have no regrets. OH HO HO

Here is an interview I did with BlogTO during the launch! It's pretty cool. I feel bad for Katherine because I kept running off but she was awesome and patient.

I'll be at a convention each weekend for the next three weeks! This Saturday (June 3rd), I'll be at the Toronto Small Press Book Fair. The weekend after that (June 10th-11th) it's to NYC for MoCCA, and the weekend after that (Saturday the 17th) we go to Ottawa for the Small Press Book Fair. I'll be with Joey for each of these times so you should come check it out maybe or whatever! There will be books and comics and such! :0

One year ago today: why you got to get all up in my public spaces

– Ryan

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